Oil and filter change $ 130 $ 160 $ 180
$ 225
Comprehensive service including semi-synthetic oil & oil filter $ 310 $ 350 $ 380
$ 435
Comprehensive service including fully synthetic low SAPS oil & oil filter* $ 350 $ 395 $ 425
$ 465
WOF $ 54 $ 54 $ 54
$ 54

*Modern diesel vehicles have a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and require a fully synthetic low SAPS oil to prevent blockage.

All prices are inclusive of GST. Our vehicle service includes a change of oil and oil filter, plus comprehensive checks and maintenance tasks. Please note that should an air filter, fuel filter, wiper blades, bulbs or fluids be required this will be additional to the cost of the service. If work is needed on mechanical components (e.g. brakes, ball joints) we will provide you with an estimate for the new parts and additional labour. With your approval this work may be completed either at the time of the service or at a later date.

At Morrisons we are proud of the quality of our vehicle servicing. Our services are truly comprehensive and we use only high quality products. Put simply our goal is to deliver the best possible service for your vehicle. Our services include:

  • Air filter (cleaned/changed if required)
  • Fuel filter (changed as required)
  • Coolant level/condition
  • Radiator level
  • Cooling system hoses
  • Radiator cap
  • Battery level/condition
  • Brake fluid level
  • Clutch fluid level (if applicable)
  • Power steering fluid level
  • Differential fluid level
  • Transmission fluid level (if applicable)
  • Windscreen wash
  • Wiper blades
  • Check suspension
  • Under body check
  • Grease as required
  • Spark plugs (if applicable)
  • Door hinges
  • Seat belts
  • Lights
  • Horn
  • Tyre pressure/condition (rotate if appropriate)
  • Accessory belts
  • CV boots
  • Ball joints
  • Brake check
  • Check, clean lube and adjust rear drum brakes (if applicable)
  • Wheel bearings
  • Scan
  • Vacuum interior
  • Shine tyres
  • Polish headlamp lenses (if needed)
  • Test drive


We often encounter the view that when a car's air-conditioning stops working it just needs to be regassed; in reality there are many different aspects to a car's air-conditioning system and a loss of refrigerant is just one of the things that may have gone wrong. There are various electrical components that control a car's air-conditioning, so naturally it is important to check these when appraising a faulty system. If it does transpire that the system has lost refrigerant then this indicates the presence of a leak that needs to be found and repaired. Logically if new gas is put into a leaking system it will leak out just like the old gas did! Unfortunately there continues to be a lot of poor practice around regassing air-conditioning systems which ignores the secondary damage this can cause to air-conditioning components as well as the harm done to the environment. At CoolCar your vehicle will be assessed by trained and certified technicians who are experts in diagnosing air-conditioning and heating faults - please contact us to arrange an appraisal.

Find out more: Thinking that your car’s AC may just need a re-gas...?


We have extensive experience of servicing and repairing diesel cars, vans, 4x4s and light trucks and are very familiar with diesel running issues and solutions. We are privileged to have regular customers who travel to us from across Auckland and beyond with their diesel vehicles, and we value the rapport that comes from getting to know both our customers and their vehicles over time. In addition we frequently assist other workshops with diesel issues, and enjoy many positive professional relationships across our industry.

While occasionally diesel running issues  may indeed be challenging and difficult to solve, often it proves to be the case that our knowledge of diesel vehicles can lead us to a solution quickly, saving the customer time and money. We also encounter a lot of misdiagnoses regarding diesel vehicles, particularly customers who believe that they need a new fuel pump or injectors, when in fact the problem lies elsewhere.

If you need assistance with your diesel vehicle please call us to arrange a visit. We can help with problems including:

  • Excess smoke from exhaust
  • Difficulty starting engine
  • Lack of power
  • Fuel leaks
  • High rate of fuel consumption
  • Poor engine performance.


Have you failed a WOF check because of a leaking fuel pump? Can you smell or see diesel leaking from the pump? Repairing a leaking diesel fuel pump is an essential maintenance task which will arise after a number of years. We can advise you on the requirements for your vehicle and offer pump repairs at competitive rates. Read more about diesel pump repairs.

Over time injectors can become worn or blocked, resulting in poor performance and economy. We test mechanical injectors, then clean, service or replace them as necessary. Black smoke can be an indicator of problem injectors, but can also have a number of other causes. Please call us for advice and estimates. Read more about diesel injector servicing.


We are experienced providers of mechanical servicing and repairs for campervans and motorhomes and have a spacious workshop to accommodate these vehicles. Working on the campervans is a core part of our business and as owners of a motorhome ourselves we enjoy swapping stories and knowledge with other members of the RV community.

Our expertise in diesel vehicles and extensive knowledge of vans and light trucks makes us the ideal choice of mechanic for your campervan or motorhome - please call us to discuss the mechanical requirements of your home on wheels!


We are proud to be the trusted provider of fleet servicing for local businesses and understand the vital importance of keeping these vehicles running reliably on the road. We aim to provide fleet servicing of the highest quality that is also reasonably priced. As many fleet vehicles are diesel we are ideally placed to diagnose and deal with running faults and breakdowns as expediently as possible. Our experience with vans, utes and light trucks is extensive and you can expect strong support with your fleet servicing needs from the team at Morrisons.

Please call us to discuss the particular requirements of your fleet - we are very happy to advise you and suggest an appropriate servicing programme for your vehicles.



    Our business and family vehicles have been faithfully serviced by the team at Morrisons for the last nine years. The service and quality of diagnosis is second-to-none which is why we travel from West Auckland to have them perform even everyday tasks.  My wife and daughter have also found the honesty and integrity of the staff gives them complete confidence when they're advised of a needed repair that has been diagnosed during a regular service. The recent move to their new, larger facility has been a major upgrade and we highly recommend this business 
  • Donald Foley

    I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with the excellent service we get from Morrison Diesel. Our 2006 Ford Transit motorhome now sings like a bird. I love the way Miles takes care to diagnose the problem, how he explains the best way to tackle our maintenance issues and is ably assisted by the capable Rachel. We don't live nearby, but it's worth crossing town to get the sort of service and technical skills that Miles has.
  • Nick Askelund

    We are a local business based in Onehunga and have been using Morrison Diesel Specialists for many years. Their servicing & mechanical support on our vehicle fleet has been fantastic and is vital in keeping our trucks on the road. Prompt communication and same day turn around on work is what keeps us coming back. From all the team here at Won-Door New Zealand we thank you very much.
  • Diana Swarbrick

    Excellent mechanics with petrol motors as well as diesel. Have looked after our family for several years and their service has always been top grade. I highly recommend them as a company that goes beyond the usual in order to look after their customers. Thanks for looking after our cars.


Morrison Diesel
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